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Meet Marcia Aka-Kadjo

The Passion & Purpose

The purpose behind Holystic Health is a deep desire to help individuals re-evaluate their health and implement protocols that can produce long-term health benefits, that hopefully produce a longer and fuller life.

We look at the role lifestyle plays in overall health and implement realistic, cost-effective ways to achieve long-lasting health goals.


Marcia is a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with bowel, uterine and bladder cancer in February 2001.

Her passion is to share the life-changing information she received whilst in battle, the revelations that came after recovery and the things that she has learned through her education in health related subjects. Her hope is that we will not just survive, but thrive long-term.

Whether you are looking for advice about the appropriate herbs to take for your condition, or you need professional guidance to address a specific health related issue, we are here at Holystic Health to support you to reach your health goals.

Marcia is a qualified practitioner of Herbalism (Advanced Herbalism Practitioner BSY) with qualifications in Health and Beauty Therapy (ITEC & CIBTAC)


Why N.U.R.S.E.D.

                                    At Holystic Health our client protocols are based around the acronym 'NURSED'.


 As I considered how we could begin to support others, the way that I had been during the season when I was critically ill                                                                   with cancer, the word nursed came to mind. ​


                                         There were six key areas that were instrumental in my healing protocol:

Plant Nursery

Looking at food as medicine as well as fuel


Looking at any internal issues and finding ways to deal with them


Looking at ways our bodies and minds can be relaxed, rejuvenated and restored


Looking at how God can bring healing and restoration of the body and mind


Looking at movement of our bodies to promote a healthy mind and body


Looking at ways to remove toxins and restrict their accumulation in the body and mind

                                       We have found these six foundational pillars to be useful in the prevention of ill health and to promote longevity.

                             We treat and care for the body as a whole and we believe this holistic approach is more likely to bring healing to the body,



                                                                                                  peace to the mind and renewal of the spirit.                                         

  Supporting you to achieve your goals
             Here at Holystic Health we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure.
                      We are here to support and encourage you on your health journey.  
      We are so excited to be able to share with you a few of our client's health journey's. 
                                                              Please see below.

I started going through the menopause when I reached fifty.  It started with hot flushes which started at night and woke me out of my sleep.

Also in the mornings whilst getting ready for work I would get hot flushes and perspire really heavily on my face, literally dripping.  I decided I didn't want to take H.R.T. (Hormone Replacement Therapy) because I had heard lots of negative feedback where H.R.T. could possibly cause cancer if you continue to take it for lengthy periods of time.

So I opted for natural remedies that would help with my hormone imbalance and night sweats.  I sought advice and arranged a consultation with Marcia, who is a qualified Herbalist.

During the consultation Marcia asked questions about my general health and whether I was taking any prescribed medication from my GP, which could have contra-indications with the herbs she might recommend.

Marcia was very informative without giving the hard sell, she suggested that I try herbal capsules for my hormonal imbalance and night sweats.  I have been taking these since March 2019 and the night sweats have gone and I feel so much better in my body.

Marcia also checked in with me regularly to ensure the herbs were working for me and that I wasn't having any side effects.

— J Anderson-Burrell

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